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Braies Valley

Braies Valley


Braies Valley


The Braies Valley is a side valley of the Pusteria Valley. The hamlets of Ferrara and San Vito look small and sleepy. In their vicinity there are even tinier hamlets like Plung and individual farmsteads. The Braies valley splits into two arms and at the end of each arm there is a natural gem: Lake Braies and Prato Piazza..


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Fanes - Sennes - Braies Nature Park

The Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park covers most of the Braies district measuring 89 km². It ensures that this beautiful natural landscape that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site will be preserved and looked after. The landscape is characterised by meadows and fir trees over which the peaks of the Dolomites preside. The mouth of the valley is at 1120 metres above sea level and it climbs up to Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo, the highest point at 3146 metres above sea level.
Das Leben im Tal
Life in the valley

The district has 650 inhabitants, divided between the two main settlements of Ferrara and San Vito and hamlets with old farmsteads. It nevertheless has a lot of public facilities like a kindergarten, primary school, post office, bank, supermarket, arts centre and ski lifts. For anything more important, the towns of Dobbiaco, San Candido or Brunico are just 10 to 30 minutes away by car.
Lifestock farming and forestry have given the valley its appearance over the centuries. Traditions and customs reflect this way of life and are kept alive in the families.
Geschichte Pragser Tal
The History

Braies was mentioned for the first time as far back as about 1100. A document from 1490 authorises the construction of a medicinal spa in Braies Vecchia, the oldest part of Braies. People flocked there in the summer to treat their ailments. In the seventeenth century, another spa, Bagni di Braies Nuova, was opened. The Braies Valley welcomed many illustrious and at that time famous personalities, including the Austro-Hungarian Royal Family. In 1899, the Hotel Pragser Wildsee was opened, which many mountaineers used as a base for exploring the Braies Dolomites. The world wars were turbulent and hard for the inhabitants of the valley but the beautiful landscape and the hospitality were not forgotten and the visitors returned.
Berge im Pragser Tal
Still famous today

The Braies Valley has also become famous in Italy because of the hit television series “Un passo dal cielo” starring Terence Hill. 

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