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Ski touring

Ski touring


Ski touring in the Braies Dolomites - Alta Pusteria Valley


Going through snowy meadows and woods towards the peaks of the Dolomites, accompanied by nothing other than quiet and harmony. Powdery untouched fresh snow all around you that after the ascent provides the perfect surface for a rapid descent. No doubt about it: ski touring in the Dolomites must be one of the most enjoyable ways of exploring this UNESCO-World Heritage Site and getting away from the madding crowds.


Hotel Trenker

Ski touring
Many different routes

The ski-touring classics in the completely natural Braies Valley include the 2839 metre high Picco di Vallandro and the equally popular Monte Specie at 2307 metres. Both these mountain peaks afford magnificent views and can be reached from Prato Piazza. Ski tourists can also reach the unique plateau on their skis. The Ponticello car park is the starting point of the route to Prato Piazza and is not far from Hotel Trenker in Braies. The entire Alta Pusteria Valley holiday area in the Dolomites is full of fascinating routes for ski tourists. Really beautiful: if the snow's right, you can start your journey from the doorstep of our hotel in the wintry white Braies Valley!
Ski touring
Safety first

Thirst for adventure, longing for seclusion, tranquillity and idyllic settings: all reasons why ski touring in the Dolomites has really taken off in recent years – also in the Braies Valley. But to make sure that your ski excursion in the Dolomites is not spoilt, you should take some precautions. For all questions, from the right avalanche transceiver to proper route planning and safe procedure in the open: our outdoor experts are there to help you. Remember: safety first!

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