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Hiking holidays among the
Braies Dolomites & the Three Peaks

Walking and climbing in the Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage


Walking & climbing in the Dolomites –
Unesco World Heritage


In the heart of the Braies Valley, with the Dolomites all around, that are waiting to be explored and conquered on foot, you will find your base camp and place of spiritual retreat at the Trenker hotel for hikers. As a member of the “Hotel for hikers - best alpine”, we offer very special services for your tour holiday. What do we offer exactly? We will tell you here:


Hotel Trenker

Hotel for hikers - our promise of quality
Hotel for hikers - our promise of quality

Do you want a very special hiking holiday in the Braies Dolomites? A holiday that can fulfil your every wish? Discover our services for hikers and nature lovers - and of course for all those who want to become one!
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Mountain tours and walks
Mountain tours & walks

The backpack is ready, the boots are laced - are you ready? You can not wait to leave! Discover the most beautiful mountain walks and tours in the Braies Dolomites, a paradise for nature lovers!
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Climbing and vie ferrate
Climbing & Via Ferrata (Fixed-Rope) Routes

Impressive rock walls, charming climbing parks, tricky and less tricky via ferratas. Climbing in Braies delights both beginners and professionals with challenges and unforgettable views over the fascinating mountain world of the Dolomites. People seeking vertical adventures will really feel at home with us in the completely natural Braies Valley.
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Walking is beautiful - always different experiences
"Walking is beautiful" - always different experiences

Accompany us on our tours in our beautiful region, let yourself be inspired and feel immersed in the alpine world
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Jogging & Nordic Walking
Jogging & Nordic Walking

From early morning, when the first clouds turn pink, until sunset: if running, jogging and Nordic walking are your world, here in Braies you will find paradise ...
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Cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing

The snow crunches under your skis. A huge white expanse opens up before you, crossed by a perfectly prepared track, and your heart is filled with joy: a good boost - and you are already roaring to go!
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Winter excursions
Winter excursions

A winter landscape out of a storybook, so beautiful it does not seem real. Walk through romantic valleys and green woods, throwing snowballs at your loved ones and enjoying this soft white delight falling from the sky.
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Snowy peaks, sparkling air, a view beyond the horizon: through snowy woods, climb to the huts and shelters, and further ... almost until you touch the sky. Enjoy your snowshoeing in the Dolomites!
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Sci touring
Ski touring

Your breathing is regular. You are surrounded by a great silence, interrupted by the slipping of your seal skins. Calmness. Freedom. Idyllic. A feeling of extreme happiness. In your heart and head. What you see and experience is indescribable, it is satisfaction in its purest expression!
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