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Are you looking for unique experiences in the mountains and among nature? Here they are 100% guaranteed! Are you looking for special benefits for an original and perfect hiking holiday, which will remain forever in your memories? These are also 100% guaranteed! Where? At your hotel for hikers in the Dolomites, the Trenker excursion hotel in Braies in Alta Pusteria!


Hotel Trenker


Discover the quality promises of our hotel for hikers here:


Wanderhotel Hotel Trenker


  • Spectacular landscape: stay at the Hotel Trenker, a family-run hotel in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe, in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Hiking holiday with the Pros: we are your competent partners for everything related to hiking in the Dolomites of Braies and, as such, we invite you to share our passion and to explore our beautiful mountains with us. 2 certified hiking guides await you in our hotel.
  • Our activity program: in every season, 4 or 5 times a week, we accompany you along exciting mountain hiking and pleasant excursions among nature. Twice a week, the host, Alexander or, his wife, Marion, will guide you. You will be informed of all excursions at our hotel in time.
  • Equipment rental: in your room you will find, for free use, 1 backpack and 2 pairs of trekking poles. You can also rent water bottles/thermos, mountain bikes and snowshoes for free.
  • Our base camp: it includes a deposit for your sports equipment, boot dryer and the possibility to clean your outdoor shoes, plus a ski deposit with a waxing bench and a bicycle storage with a washing station.
  • Hiking guides and maps: in our books area you will find maps, nature guides, books on plants, cultural guides and road maps, with detailed information about the Braies Valley and the Dolomites.
  • Wellness: after the excursions you can relax in the panoramic swimming pool, in the various saunas or indulge in our massages.
  • Healthy and invigorating cuisine: our hotel spoils its guests with culinary delicacies from our region, tasty wholegrain foods and vegetarian specialities.

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As a hotel for hikers in the Dolomites at the highest levels, we continuously update our offer for young and old walkers.
Expect a lot more from us.


Hotel Trenker


Advice for your hiking:

  • Trekking boots: they must be of good quality, with a rigid sole and an adequate profile, waterproof and breathable; they must firmly support the ankles and fit perfectly. Get advice from experienced people and try various models. Try the shoes on at home, to prevent your first hike with the shoes from becoming a "torture" with blisters on the feet.
  • Clothing: wear layers of clothing. The first layer should be breathable underwear that dries quickly, technical shirt or t-shirt, trousers, a warm layer (e.g. fleece jacket or soft-shell), as well as a wind proof and rainproof jacket.
  • Sun protection: sunscreen is absolutely necessary on sunny days, but it is also recommended with cloudy skies. A head covering prevents sun insolation and also protects the nape. Remember, finally, that your eyes must also be protected with good sunglasses.
  • If the weather is cold, equip yourself with gloves and a hat.
  • Backpack and trekking poles: in your room you will find a backpack and trekking poles. Fill the backpack by carefully choosing what you actually need. The poles are particularly useful downhill and help to protect the joints.
  • Supplies: for each daily hike bring some snacks, preferably fruit, energy bars, a sandwich and dextrose. You should always have a bottle with water - at least 1 litre per person, but you should have even more water if you take long hikes without the possibility of refreshment.
  • First aid kit: the kit should contain your personal medicine, bandages of various sizes, disinfectant and sterile dressings, tablets, gauze, a roll of adhesive tape, scissors, disposable gloves, thermal blanket (gold/silver film). If necessary, add painkillers, blister patches and a pair of glasses or spare lenses. You should have a flash light and whistle in your backpack to be able to attract attention in the event of an emergency.
  • Mobile phone with full battery: to alert rescuers in critical situations.
  • Hiking map: you should always have a good map of the area that allows you to always find the right path.
  • Garbage bag: for all types of waste including paper handkerchiefs and fruit waste, to be disposed regularly! Bring all waste back to your room. We will dispose of it correctly.
  • Required physical conditions If you are in "good health", there are no contraindications for a hiking holiday, regardless of your age. However, you should prepare yourself already at home, for example by training your resistance with regular fast-paced walks.
  • Be careful not to overestimate yourself: calculate your strength and ability for each trip well: you do not just have to reach your destination, but also come back!
  • Choosing a suitable hike: we will gladly help you choose the most suitable hike based on your skills. Our reception staff will gladly advise you in a competent manner.
  • Guided hikes: an ideal way to discover the most beautiful corners of the Dolomites of Braies are our guided hikes. You can take part in these tours for free. Our hiking guides answer all your questions and provide lots of interesting information about our region.


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