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“Walking is beautiful” - in the Braies Dolomites

Your hiking day at Hotel Trenker


Your hiking day at Hotel Trenker ...


With an abundant and tasty breakfast buffet we prepare ourselves to the best for our daily excursion. The backpack is ready, the trekking boots are tied. At our meeting point our hiking guide awaits us - and we leave. One step after another we will explore the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites. The frost glistens under the early morning sun, and the birds accompany us with their song. The forest gives off an intoxicating scent of wild herbs and resin.


Have a break
We cross a stream, which with its bubbling makes us happy. We climb and soon we reach the edge of the forest, where the imposing larches and firs give way to the mountain pine, which is more resistant to the elements. Now the path becomes narrow, we cross the soft meadow, greeted by the bells of grazing cows. When we reach the hut, we refresh ourselves with a drink after the first efforts.


Then, we tackle the top. With short but regular steps, we climb an increasingly steep and impervious path, passing in front of imposing rock formations. Layers of various colours, bizarre shapes and panoramic points accompany us along our path, while the high mountain flowers enliven our eyes. The summit cross is already visible, there, before us. With a last effort we reach our destination, the view of the Dolomites around us fills our hearts, and in a moment makes us forget the effort of the climb.


Lake of Braies
We take all the time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Before embarking on the descent, we leave a trace of our presence here in the summit book. Then we focus on the path: slowly, without distracting, helped by our trekking poles, we return to the hut. We deserved a good snack, with speck and local cheeses. Refreshed and reloaded with new energy we face the last stretch of descent in the woods, among roots, stones and clearings.


Tired but happy of our feet, we return to Hotel Trenker and say goodbye to our guide. Our calves and feet throb - after all it was a rewarding but challenging hike. It's the right moment to relax the muscles in the sauna or get a nice massage: the beneficial heat dispenses the accumulated lactic acid in a moment, while the coolness reinvigorates us before we enjoy our well-deserved and exquisite dinner.

Hotel Trenker


Walking is good for us

It has been known for some time: walking is good for us. Better yet, if you walk in the middle of beautiful nature, following your own pace and listening to your breathing. It helps us relax, meditate, regenerate. The movement sends a greater quantity of oxygen to our organs and muscles, refines the senses and promotes concentration. Stress hormones are disposed of, and the beauty of nature contributes to general well-being. In short: walking is wellness for the body, the soul and the spirit.

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