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The story of Hotel Trenker

Our house 1940

Tradition is very important for us at Hotel Trenker, because we go back a long way.

A farm going by the name of Hof Oberhaus is mentioned as early as 1573 in a deed and in 1670 it was bought by Bartholomäus Trenker, a leaseholder from Steinwend, who then passed it on to his son. Fourteen generations later the property is still run by the Trenker family.
Hotel Trenker

The first guests arrive
The first guests arrive

In the turbulent years of reconstruction after the second world war Alois and Frida Trenker decided to renovate a few rooms, refurnish them and then rent them out in the summer months to earn a few more lire. In 1960 four guest rooms with a shared bathroom were built that were heated by a pipe coming from the kitchen stove. We officially joined the hotels for hikers in autumn 2017. For your hiking holiday we offer guided tours every Monday and Friday as well as equipment for rental.

The building extended

Soon afterwards, in 1962, it was decided to increase the number of guest rooms to 9 with shared showers and WCs in the corridor. By working with neighbouring houses also small groups could now be accommodated.

Anton takes over the running

In 1979 Alois Trenker handed over to his son Anton Trenker. Anton and his wife Waltraud now took the momentous step of renovating the property. The badly soundproofed wooden ceilings were replaced by modern ceilings. At the same time, all the rooms became en suite. The livestock had already been sold the year before because the family was no longer able to dedicate itself to intensive animal husbandry and look after the guests at the same time.

Pension ** Trenker

Then came the next step. By 1984 the house had 17 rooms and could now call itself Pension** Trenker. The desires and needs of guests increased and whereas in early days nobody objected to sharing a table with strangers, more space was now required so that each couple could have its own table. In 1993 the dining room and the kitchen were accordingly moved and enlarged.

Hotel Trenker
Hotel *** Trenker
In 1998 we were one of the first businesses in the Braies valley to go online with its own website. Then in the spring of 1999 the foundations were laid to extend the guest house in stages. First, the shell was built for the cellar, ground floor and first floor. In the summer of 2000 the new rooms were then ready for guests. A total of 23 rooms were let and the building was renamed Hotel*** Trenker. A year later, in 2001, the guests were welcomed in the new lobby. Since then the schnapps that people enjoy after their meal has been served at the bar. The sauna started in 2002. And the builders were called in again. In 2005 the second storey was added to the new building, which made the convenience of a lift necessary. There were now 28 rooms available.

Alexander takes over

Time to hand over again to another generation. In 2008 Alexander took over and installed the woodchip-fired heating which has since then faithfully heated the entire hotel and supplied it with hot water. The necessary equipment was purchased and in 2010 the building for storing and drying the woodchip was built. At the same time, a photovoltaic system was installed. In the following three years the dining room was extended and space was created for a larger buffet with more choice. Some small double rooms in the old building were knocked into one to create large luxurious rooms.

Hotel Trenker
Hotel *** sTrenker  with superior rating

Recently, in the autumn of 2014, the next foundations of the swimming pool and sauna were laid, which have become an important and highly prized part of our well-being and wellness area. By the following spring, another 10 rooms were available.

Our aim is to provide you with active moments, quiet moments, romantic moments - simply happy moments, which is why we shall continue to strive for innovation and surprises.
Hotel Trenker 4 stars
New: Hiking & active hotel ****Trenker

It’s time for the next big step: we start a new chapter at the end of May 2019 – with the 4th star for our hotel. We said goodbye to our 7 rooms in the old building and you will now stay in one of our 6 big brand-new modern rooms of 30m² min. We have extended our spa area by adding an outdoor sauna and a large lawn. On the slope behind our house, you will find a fenced area for fallow deer as well as an observatory and a pond. In addition, we are constantly working on our varied program for hikes and activities.

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